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BillPuseySeptember, 2014:  Our first co-sponsoring event, The Pinelands Jazz Festival, was a great success!  Even though Mother Nature decided to give us rain around 1:30, the venue had canopies up and seating for our spectators at the Dr. Still Historic Site.  And the jazz fans hung-out till the end of the festival at 5:00.  The festival site was an intimate venue in a wooded yard nestled between the Farmhouse and the barn/woodshed.  There were food and craft vendors as well as a dog run behind the barn.  We know the canines were enjoying the festival as well as us.  What a positive event and we certainly want to thank all of the Bands, Volunteers, Vendors and especially the Jazz Fans that made the day special for all of us.  Here’s a link to a Courier Post letter from a fan – Thanks Bobbi!


The cool thing about The Pinelands Jazz Festival was that we also had student musicians performing in the Woodshed opposite the stage.  So there was continuous jazz all day for everyone.  Kudos to the Student Performers that made it a real special event.  We can’t wait till next year’s festival.


The Performers included:

June, 2014:  SJMEP has awarded 49 Scholarships to new music students.  This number includes a small number of more advanced students in Medford’s middle school band program.

May, 2014:   Well, it’s been a great year of fund raising and we are ramping up to offer music scholarships.  Stay Tuned for more information!

  Any Questions:  send an email to contact@sjmep.org.


PJsFundraiserFlyerWe are hosting another Fundraiser for Music Education!  It’s at PJ Whelihan’s in Medford Lakes, NJ.  Print the flyer to the left and give it to the waitress when you pay for your dinner.  PJ’s will give us 15% of your bill to benefit Music Education!

Print this Flyer!


June, 2013:   What a difference a month makes!  South Jersey Music Education Partnership (SJMEP) is pleased to announce that we have issued 45 music scholarships to elementary students in Medford, NJ!  We have finally made our vision a reality and we are not stopping there.  We plan to branch out into other affected towns that have Elementary Band stripped out of the curriculum.  We can only do this with your support.  So please consider making a donation to make a difference.

 So.. who are we?

We are Musicians who are also Dads, or is it Dads who are also Musicians?? We have banded together for a common cause that is becoming more and more evident in our schools.  Since – in harder fiscal times, music and arts are always the first programs cut back or worse – removed all together from our public schools.  We believe that Music, Arts, and Cultural programs in schools are just as beneficial to a student’s emerging skills as academic programs.  We formed this organization to raise awareness and funds to help students, families and schools to bolster music, arts and cultural programs.

2 Responses to Welcome to the South Jersey Music Education Partnership

  1. Mason Fisher says:


    I wish to enter a scholarship application for my daughter who attends Allen Elementary school this year and will be attending Haines next year. Her name is Julia and she sings in the choir at the Methodist church. She has also sung for a few talent shows and productions at Allen school. It would be wonderful to have her study voice. Her voice quality is very good for her age and she sings in tune. (I’m a professional musician and composer) :) I’d be happy to submit a demo upon request.

    Please let me know if it would be possible for Julia to be considered for a summer scholarship this year.

    Thank you for your time!
    -Mason Fisher
    (609) 902-2265

    • admin says:

      Hello Mr. Fisher.

      We want to thank you for your interest in our program. You have indicated that your daughter attends school in Medford, you should have received an email today from the Medford School district with instructions on how to apply for a summer scholarship. If you have not received this email, please respond and I will forward you instructions.

      Dale Storer


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